Friday, May 28, 2010

Sunny Sunflower Gingered Cream Cheese Icing Cupcakes Share Tags: dessert week 1, desert, dessert video, s, des, desserts, dessert week 8, desse, dessert round 2, dessert This is a perfect summertime dessert for an outdoor gathering with family and friends. The surprise taste of ginger and the cream cheese icing compliments the garden theme carrot cupcakes and will keep your guests guessing and licking their fingers. Prep time: 20 minutes | Cook time: 25 minutes | Total time: 45 minutes | Servings: 50 48 ounce(s) of Philadelphia Cream Cheese, Softened
1/4 cup(s) of Butter, softened
1 1/2 tsp. of Vanilla Extract
1 tsp. of Ginger Extract
1/2 pound(s) of Confectioner
1/8 tsp. of yellow food coloring
Bring to room temperature 48 oz Philadelphia Brand Cream Cheese
In a large mixing bowl, cream the cream cheese with softened butter.
Add vanilla and ginger extracts and beat until blended.
Add 1 lb. Confectioner's sugar in 3 parts and mix in on low to medium speed.
Add yellow food coloring to icing mixture and blend in on low with electric mixer.
Place icing in piping bag and with 366 leaf tip frost 48-50 room temperature carrot