Tuesday, January 1, 2013

                                                             The  Ninja
                Here is one of the gifts I found under the tree this year. 
                A Ninja Professional Machine. 
                A perfect appliance for making smoothies and so much 
                Check out My Super Yummy Recipe!  
                Only 3 Ingredients are Needed!        

            New Year's Day Smoothie of the Day!

                       Strawberry Banana Smoothie
                1- 12 ounce Package of Frozen Strawberries
                2 Cups of  Apple Juice
                1 Banana
                                          Let's Create It!
                     Add all ingredients into your food processor 
                     or blender and process to the
                     consistency you desire..
                     Make it thick or make it thin..You chose! 

                    Because Food Matters!Make it!Eat it!Love it!