Thursday, May 27, 2010

Saying Yes! to Me!
Day 2 with Wendy...cleansing mind body and soul

Barefoot summer and sandals have a way of leaving my feet and toes like they need some attention. Somehow, without me even knowing it they have become a sore point and that’s not just because I am standing on them all day! How could they have been so neglected? Close-toed shoes have a way of suggesting the obvious…it’s time to succumb to my weakness... a pedicure. Start by taking care of your self with a “delicious” fruit bath that turns those calluses into supple feet, as soft as a baby’s. At the same time this recipe provides you with vitamins, calcium and nutrients. It’s an hour spent that nourishes your body and your soul. It’s just another way of saying “Yes” to me. and let your pretty self smile and embrace yourself from head to toe!

1 c. frozen mango pulp
1 c. frozen pineapple pulp
1 c. frozen passion fruit pulp
Buy Goya brand or other frozen pulp found in the freezer section
1 c. orange blossom honey
4 c. organic vanilla yogurt

In a blender process all of the ingredients together. Reserve two cups to be eaten and divide the rest evenly into two plastic bags. Wash your feet with your favorite soap. Slip each foot into each bag and tie the bags around your ankles with a twistie tie. “Squish”(that’s a technical term) your toes into the fruit. Squish, squish... Enjoy the next hour relaxing while eating your healthy sweet treat. Then, remove your feet from each bag and toss the bags away. Rinse your feet with cool water and massage your soft toes and heels and arches with your favorite moisturizer. The nutrients of the fruit and yogurt deliver enzymes into your feet that hydrate your skin while providing nutrient and calcium absorption in your body. And It is a delicious hour to …Enjoy!