Thursday, January 24, 2013

                          Fresh Homemade Grapefruit Juice!

       Grapefruit is know to support the immune system.

     It helps prevent constipation
    It has high amounts of  lycopene, just like the tomatoe's..
   It has powerful antioxidant protection to the body and can help     
   with cardiovascular disease and degrenative diseases.. 
 Grapefruit and its juice is an excellent source of vitamin C. One  

grapefruit half provides 75 percent of the recommended daily 

allowance of vitamin C..

  Fresh Grapefruit Juice taste amazing. Especially during the few 
  months of the year when it is in season..I could drink lots of it..

  But, don't forget research shows that Grapefruit juice can interact

 with Medications.. 

So be careful and discuss with your doctor..I 'am not a doctor and  

and want to be up front with you about that... The next time your 

up for a Smoothie why not try some grapefruit in it...Sounds like a 

great idea to me... " Cheers "

                            Because food matters...

             " Make it! " Eat It!" Love It " Share It!"