Friday, June 8, 2012

G-Free Doughnut Holes

                                          G-Free Cake Donuts Hole!
                 Alright! So, here we have it! Finally!
                 A wonderful G-Free Cake Donut  has come together.
                 This culinary example of a  hot and crunchy cake    
                 donut definitely has satisfied long lost memories
                 of the light & airy cake donut  holes enjoyed         
                 on a Saturday morning from our local IGA store.
                 Some times from Krispy Creme Donuts or Dunkin     
                 Donuts or the corner store...
                 Oh, and lets not forget the cup of Maxwell House coffee 
                 that's a must to go along with it...
                 The best part of waking up is the donut beside your cup.