Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Miracle
of Wheatgrass

When desperate patients and family members call Creative Health Institute hoping for miracles we always tell them we are out of magic bullets. Just as the development of cancer is a complicated process, so too, complete and permanent recovery from cancer requires a slow repair process in which careful attention must be paid to multiple aspects of body chemistry.

One gift of nature - chlorophyll - more closely approximates a miracle food than any other we’ve encountered.

Wheat grass juice is an excellent source of chlorophyll. Wheat grass juice is also high in iron, oxygen, and enzymes and is one of the richest sources of vitamins A, B, and C.

Studies of wheatgrass by Dr. Chiu Nan Lai of the University of Texas System Cancer Center showed it to be a potent inhibitor of several carcinogens. Applying low levels of the extract to mutagens diminished activity in them by up to 99%.

More research has examined the healing properties of chlorophyll in general and seems to be related to the fact that the chlorophyll molecule is nearly identical to that of hemoglobin, whose single atom of iron replaces one atom of magnesium.

Distinguished medical specialists have reported hundreds of cases in which chlorophyll has cured deep infections, stimulated healing, removed necrotic debris from open wounds, and accelerated connective tissue and epidermal proliferation.

Many reports of chlorophyll’s effectiveness have come through Dr. Ann Wigmore, ND, and teacher of natural living. Dr. Ann credits wheatgrass with curing her gangrenous leg and preventing its amputation. She subsequently founded the Hippocrates Health Institute in Boston to teach others about wheatgrass.

According to Dr. Ann, Dr. Bernard Jensen and G. P. Earp-Thomas of Bloomfield Laboratories, chlorophyll purifies the blood, prevents tooth decay, aids in proper digestion, helps detoxify the liver, keeps the thyroid gland in balance, cleanses internal organs, enhances capillary function, supports sex hormones, decontaminates inorganic chemicals, and builds up red blood cell counts.

Furthermore, green juices provide easy assimilation of nutrients especially in cases of poor digestion or immuno-suppression. Reports of chlorophyll’s effectiveness in managing human ailments abound.

Recent medical research has found that cancer goes into remission when the body is alkaline. The raw living foods diet helps to make the body alkaline (easily tested with litmus paper), but our personal experiences since 1976 support the research of Dr. Wigmore -- wheatgrass juice is an important part of the diet and program.