Monday, May 10, 2010

Tropical "Philly" Shrimp Boats Share Tags: appetizer Wonderfully flavorful, succulent jumbo shrimp stuffed with a pineapple, cream cheese & horseradish filling, then drizzled with a chili pepper sauce & Mandarin oranges. Prep time: 10 minutes | Cook time: 8 minutes | Total time: 18 minutes | Servings: 2 6 Large Jumbo Shrimp
4 ounce(s) of Philadelphia Cream Cheese
1 tsp. of Creamy Horseradish Sauce
1/4 cup(s) of Crushed Pineapple
1 tsp. of Cocktail Sauce
1/4 cup(s) of Mandarine Oranges
1/4 tsp. of Crushed Black Pepper
1/8 tsp. of Sea Salt
2 tbsp. of Hot Chili Pepper Sauce w/seeds
Peel & de-vein shrimp - leaving tails on.
Slit shrimp all the way down back to butterfly.
Set Shrimp aside.
In small bowl combine cream cheese, pineapple, horseradish sauce, salt & pepper. Stir Well.
Drop in shrimp to boiling water & stir.
When shrimp turn pink - about 1 minute, strain and let cool for about 1-2 minutes or place in cold water for 1 minute.
Arrange shrimp onto serving platter.
Begin by placing filling mixture by teaspoon-fulls onto shrimp. Repeat with each shrimp.
Next, drizzle with a small spoon, the chili pepper sauce as decoration. Finish by laying a mandarin orange slice on top.
ENJOY!!!! (You could certainly just double or triple recipe - depending on how many people you