Thursday, May 27, 2010

My research has not been limited to gluten free chocolate, but includes a variety of baked goods. Here’s some of the myths that might have been true in the past, but are no longer true with this new method:

#1 – You need to limit the rice flour to no more than 2/3 of the recipe.
Not true. You can bake very moist cakes out of 100% rice flour with this new method.

#2 – You have to combine rice flours with other flours to get a good result.

Not true. I personally have loved baking mixes myself, but they aren’t necessary all the time. I’m still researching, so I’m not sure to what extent baking mixes will be necessary in the future. My research right now has been limited to cakes, brownies, and some cookies – mainly just because of a lack of time!

#3 – Bean flours have a better result than rice flours.

I personally don’t like bean flours. Bean flour seems to have the same effect as beans, which is not pleasant for me personally. I think it depends on your tolerance.

#4 – You have to “cover it up” with either frosting, ice cream, or some other topping.

Not true. When you frost one of these cakes, the result is extremely rich! The cake is moist by itself.

#5 – It’s better to bake cupcakes, muffins, or quickbreads in mini-loaf pans.

Not totally true. It is true that if you bake a cake too long, it will dry out. But, I have been able to bake layer cakes and shaped cakes (tube pan or bundt) successfully without drying out.