Sunday, May 16, 2010

CHICKEN EMPANADA QUICHE Share Tags: entree Real men (and women of Philadelphia) DO eat quiche! A delicious, creamy, cheesy entree sure to be a favorite for brunch, lunch, dinner or late-night feast! Can also be enjoyed as a vegetarian entree, simply swop your favorite diced veggie in place of the chicken. Prep time: 20 minutes | Cook time: 40 minutes | Total time: 60 minutes | Servings: 8 1 pie crust
3/4 cup(s) of milk
6 ounce(s) of Philadelphia Cream Cheese, softened
1/4 tsp. of salt
4 ounce(s) of canned, chopped green chiles
3 eggs
1/2 tsp. of cumin seed
1 cup(s) of shredded monterey jack cheese
1 cup(s) of shredded sharp cheddar cheese
1 cup(s) of rotisserie chicken meat
Bake 9" pie crust to nearly done. (Be sure to prick the crust with a fork to avoid "bubbling".)
While crust is baking, blend milk, cream cheese, and salt until smooth.
Slightly beat the three eggs.
Add chilies, beaten eggs, and cumin seed to cheese/milk mixture. Stir.
Place 1/2-cup of monterey jack cheese and 1/2-cup of sharp cheddar in bottom of nearly-done pie crust.
Dice 1-cup rotisserie chicken and place on top of cheese.
Pour liquid mixture over chicken & cheese.
Top with remaining 1/2-cup monterey jack and 1/2-cup sharp cheddar cheeses.
Bake at 360 for 40 minutes, until bubbly and set.
Cool before serving. Enjoy alone, or top with sour cream and picante sauce. Mmm!